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Where does your design inspiration come from?

Where does design inspiration come from?

Home interior design inspiration can come to you when you least expect it, a memory, a feeling, a piece of artwork or someplace you’ve visited…

A piece of furniture or an antique piece handed down through the family…

Sometimes you’re ready for it, and sometimes it’ll brush by you from out of the blue – like a feather in the wind

So how then, do you find design inspiration when you really need it? Whether you’re moving, downsizing, building a new home, or you just know it’s time for a change, finding inspiration can feel like an elusive gift that’s being withheld from your consciousness by the decorating gods. Frustrating to say the least.

Here are some tried and true tips to begin fertilizing your own design inspiration garden!

#1> Start with your color scheme. The basic rule is a color scheme of 3 colors. Divide into 60-30-10 ratios. 60%, or the main color should be a favorite, or the one that coordinates or is least likely to fight with any existing furnishings you want to keep. This color can be used for the majority of your walls, with a lighter or darker shade mixed in. Use the 30% for your splashes of color which can be used as a wall color in some rooms or in your furnishing or artwork. The remaining 10% can be those unexpected colors you love but don’t want to overdo with. DON’T forget to always consider lighting, floor covering and ceiling and trim colors. Each element that already exists in a room will effect the way a color is seen by the eye. Test paint colors on the wall to see how they work before committing to an entire room (or entire house!) I don’t even want to know how many blues, yellows and greens have been painted over immediately after painting them! Or, worse yet, lived with for years in distaste. Yikes!

#2> Focus on one room at a time. Designing or decorating an entire house can be extremely intimidating! Start with the room that you will use the most, or that will be seen most often by visitors. Great places to start can be the kitchen or living room. Fall in love with a gorgeous area rug and work around that. Or maybe a piece of artwork you can’t live without. Choose a color or colors within a fav piece and work your furniture and accessories around that. Or make one colorful piece your focal point and choose neutrals for the remainder of you room. It is all in what you are comfortable with and what makes you happy.

Live edge dining table


#3> Find pieces you love. Even if you don’t already have the piece you’ve pronounced your undying love for, go out and find her(or him :)). With the plethora of changing design options available, it’s easy to get discouraged here as well. But don’t give up. Continue to narrow it down until you find your true love. It will be well worth it. Go shopping!  Go to home shows, art shows & open houses. Local shops, online and catalogs offer many design ideas (of course we highly recommend to shop locally! Shopping locally allows you to touch see and feel the real deal,  supports the community you live in and lastly and very importantly offers you personal service which cannot be duplicated with an online experience.


We hope this helps get you started. If you need assistance, ask a designer. Asking a friend or family member for help is an option as well, just remember they may have a difficult time separating their own taste from your own. And after all, this is your home. No one else will see and live in it every day but you!  So create what YOU love.  Enjoy your decorating journey!





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