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Quality, local purchasing

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices are forgotten.”

Isn’t that the truth!
How many of us have made a mistake of buying something such a a rug or furniture online we didn’t like because it wasn’t the quality we thought it would be, wasn’t comfortable, in fact it didn’t even fit the space! We try to make it work then, because of the cost and hassle of shipping it back (if you can even send it back) you give up and keep it.
Has this ever happened to you?
It happened to a friend of mine. She bought a small sectional without consulting me, and when it was delivered, it didn’t fit the space. She called me over to take a look, but there wasn’t anything I could offer her. It was too late. The sectional could only fit in two different areas of her home-one piece in the living room, one in the TV room. What was even worse, you could see the glaring off-white fabric where the ends of the sectional were supposed to connect together. I tried sitting on it to see if there was one saving grace for my friend’s new upholstery purchase, but wasn’t surprised the seat cushions were so soft- there was no support. I also noticed the stitching was crooked.
“What is the return policy? Can you send it back or get a credit?” I asked her.
“No, it was a custom order. but it’s ok, we’ll just use it anyway.” she told me with the look of regret.

But, is it ok? How many years will my friend have to look at her furniture in two different rooms?

This is merely a cautionary tale of what not to do.

What I can do is offer a word of advice, get help!

Buy local! Yes, buy from a source in your own town or city. We are right here in Urbandale Iowa. Let us help you from these kinds of purchasing errors. We can save you from yourself and we can actually help you save money and get a comfortable sofa that fits you and fits your space.

Come in and get design advice, another pair of expert eyes.
Take home a rug or fabric sample. Sit in our chairs, recliners and sofas. We have hundreds of fabric samples to pick from. Even better, we can come to your home and work on a design plan just for you, even help you get the right sectional for your space. We can have conversations about what you love and aspire your home to look like. We can get to know you and zone in. You just can’t shop like this online.

How much will it cost?
The real question is, how much will cost NOT to have us help you?

-Heidi Schoeneck

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