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MacKenzie-Childs Farm Visit

If you haven’t already read this story from our email this past February, now is your chance.

on a tranquil Victorian farm overlooking Cayuga Lake, that produces world-renowned home furnishings where designers and artisans create beautiful products that add joy – grace – and whimsy to homes throughout the world – including our great state of Iowa. THIS IS MACKENZIE-CHILDS.

I was so very fortunate to be invited as a guest to visit the farm and factory and tour the grounds located in Aurora, New York. I was introduced to and visited with many of the artisans employed there. I watched as a ceramic plate was created – 19 steps from start to finish. The start is raw clay – the finish is a beautiful hand painted ceramic plate. So many steps to creation. Now I understand the reasoning for the higher price tag! We are paying for quality pieces hand painted by a true artist who applies layer upon layer of artistry. This is why no two pieces are ever alike – each one is an original.

My wish for each of you is the opportunity to visit this special farm and fall in love not only with the products of MacKenzie-Childs, but with the idea of such an enchanting place. I could easily see myself becoming a part of this special community. This is a place where employees have such pride in what they create and truly care about each other and the ideal of MacKenzie-Childs.

I also want to mention being able to meet so many key employees that make it all possible. So wonderful to put a face with a name. It was humbling to meet and visit with Rebecca Procter, who is head of product creativity and development. She is a petite lady with enormous energy and talent. When I grow up I want to be just like her! I want to be able to create such beauty and uniqueness as she does.

I am dedicated to this special company and all the people who work there. They not only create beautiful products, but they create beauty in keeping this company as a family. Afterall, family is everything.


Sheila recommends all MacKenzie-Childs fans to go visit the farm yourself. You will absolutly love it! Now is a perfect time because the annual barn sale is coming up on July 18th. What a great way to spend your vacation, and take home a piece of MacKenzie-Childs.
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