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Summertime Fun!

Summer is the time for fun, especially for a picnic!

Here are some tips on what to bring – ensuring you have a great time.

Non food items:
Flat ground
Small cutting board
Small sharp knife
Wine Key/Bottle opener
Hand sanitizer & wet wipes
Your own garbage bag
Blanket, reusable plates, plastic wine glasses
Reusable napkins, utensils

Pro tips and food items:
Bring less food than you think you need
Sparkling water
Salt, pepper, hot sauce
Avoid mayo based dressing and salads
Use chilled wine as ice packs/freeze water bottles
Hearty bread sandwiches
Pre-Cut large fruit
Keep Dessert simple

For the kids:
Bring along a frisbee, bean bags for an activity.
How about binoculars to get a closer look at mother nature’s birds and critters?
Don’t forget insect repellent and sunscreen!
Remember to bring water. In the summer it can be crucial!

For the “big” kids:
Sometimes we adults like to play too.
A game of croquet or bocce ball is nice for a group.

MacKenzie-Childs items great for a picnic:

A Mackenzie-Childs picnic basket is just the right piece, waiting for you to put in your favorite goodies this summer!

Portable bags from Mackenzie-Childs are great for bringing food on the go!

After you are finished with your picnic, find a couple trees and relax in a hammock by MacKenzie-Childs.

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