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The Kenilworth Fix

The Kenilworth fix is a happy fix. We’ve heard it time and time again from many of you, our loyal customers. Isn’t that so true? Shopping at Kenilworth gives you a boost! It is that special treat for your eyes as you stroll through the store from one area to another. Sometimes you don’t have anything in mind, but that special something finds you. Be it from the MacKenzie-Childs collection, or a new seasonal floral arrangement, or even a collectible like a Sid Dickens tile.

Another perfect reason to stop in is we have ideas! We can help you with fresh ideas for your home and will take all the time you need to find just the right look, just the right accessory, or the best piece of art for an area that needs some attention without pressure or rushing. We just want to help!

Sometimes the happy fix is to simply stop by, say hi, and have a chat about what’s new, what’s going on in town and share stories of our life and yours. The Kenilworth House is your house too, and that’s an especially warm, fuzzy, happy feeling, and why you just might need a Kenilworth “fix” very soon!

“Our success depends on our customers. Our success, is your success and for that we are so thankful!”


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