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Lighting Ideas

Lighting plays an important part in designing a space, it improves the ambiance and sets the overall mood.

When considering lighting, use a blend of ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting. For ambient lighting – illuminate the room evenly with natural light, pendants, and overhead fixtures. For task lighting – spot light the work areas with reading lamps and under counter lights. For accent lighting – highlight certain focal areas with track lights and adjustable recessed lights. And for decorative lighting – create a mood with chandeliers and table lamps. Mixing these four types of layers of light will create a well lit space.

Recessed lighting ideas: Want to dress up a recessed can light? You could use a decorative trim, light diffusing baffle, wall washer shield, beveled glass shade, or an acrylic lens in a color.

When selecting a fixture look for these details: Choose high quality fixtures. Are the metals sturdy, not light weight? Are the sockets porcelain, not plastic? Does the shade hide the bulb? Are the joints and connections solid? Do the parts screw together easily?

Add Drama to the space: Use accent lights to focus on important elements. To soften a room incorporate up-lighting instead of down lighting. Use wall mount sconces to put emphasis on a beam ceiling. Hide spotlights behind furniture. Place rope lights on a ledge around a room’s perimeter to create an upward glow. Install dimmers to create mood lighting and save energy.

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