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We are now among the retailers who have been asked to close by our Governor, Kim Reynolds. I hate closing – I love this store and what is has stood for over the past 28 years. I think we have fabulous product and we have the greatest customers ever! But that being said, I agree with the Governor and admire all she is doing to help keep all of us safe and healthy; and we will abide by keeping the new social graces asked of everyone. I applaud you Governor and your staff.

Running a business is a walk in the park –
– said no one ever.

We hope that as planned we will be able to reopen April 8th with the biggest smiles on our faces as we welcome you back. We will all be in need of a “Kenilworth Fix.” Our store is brimming with lots of new items we want to show you. Praying that by then we can put aside the new social graces of distancing and elbow bumps and get back to old social graces of hugs and embraces.


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